Antique Milk Crate Bike Basket

May 30, 2013 crates.admin 0

hand-meyd: In need of something to transport all the delicious goodies from my weekly farmer’s market trips, I decided to convert a recently picked old metal milk crate into a bike basket.  I bought some […]

Prop up a bicycle

May 14, 2013 crates.admin 0

milkcratemad: #4 PROP & TOOL BOX Use it to prop up a bicycle for the workshop. Plus it also doubles as a toll box for all the gear.

Milk Crate Sofa

May 3, 2013 crates.admin 0

brianbanks: Today I made this, a Milk Crate Sofa. I found a green faux leather seat top, then got a couple of milk crates and screwed it together to create this. Poor artist with a […]

I got milk crates

May 2, 2013 crates.admin 0

dansanthem: I got milk crates. Now to put my records away and re-organise them into Autobiographical order. Excuse the face, I’m listening to Enabler.


April 30, 2013 crates.admin 0

milkcratemad: #1 STAND Prop up anything you like. In this case pot plants are propped up to prevent an old pet dog from burring bones in the plants.

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