Climbing Crateman

April 19, 2014 crates.admin 0

Climbing Crateman More Crateman! Yey! Lucky I have an eager eye. I spotted some colour in the corner of my eye as I was driving over the Westgate bridge this morning. First I noticed a wall of […]

Crateman rides again!

April 12, 2014 crates.admin 0

Crateman rides again! Crate Man has now made three appearances on this site. See here. Today, a new crate man has appeared, also along the Newport Railway line, but this time riding a mobile crane […]

Crateman has a coldie

April 10, 2014 crates.admin 0

Crateman has a coldie To celebrate Australia Day yesterday, a new crateman appeared on the top of the Commercial Hotel (pub) in Hyde Street, Yarraville. This is one of my favourite cratemen to date, as […]

Crateman returns

April 2, 2014 crates.admin 0

Crateman returns Well I’ve shown ‘Milk Crate Man’ before here, but just around the corner you will find another version, this time taking a break sitting down, looking across towards the city. He is perched above […]

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