I got milk crates

May 2, 2013 crates.admin 0

dansanthem: I got milk crates. Now to put my records away and re-organise them into Autobiographical order. Excuse the face, I’m listening to Enabler.


April 30, 2013 crates.admin 0

milkcratemad: #1 STAND Prop up anything you like. In this case pot plants are propped up to prevent an old pet dog from burring bones in the plants.

Today was kinda fun

March 13, 2013 crates.admin 0

oncewaspure: Today was kinda fun. I didn’t get around to doing any hair stuff at all damn >.< needs to be done before Ryan’s party! Anyway, walked around for 2 and a half hours finding […]

A haiku

March 10, 2013 crates.admin 0

najwalaylah: A haiku : Blue plastic heroes. How do I love you, milk crates? Let me count the ways.

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