Crateman is back in Bendigo

IT seems not everyone likes Crateman, with the mysterious man being knocked over by an unknown party this morning.

When the Bendigo Advertiser headed out to greet Crateman in Rosalind Park this morning, he was sitting in pieces on the ground.

But we’re sure the person responsible will rebuild.

EARLIER: IT’S getting udderly ridiculous trying to predict when and where Crateman will pop up – but he’s back.

Way before most woke this morning, Crateman appeared in Rosalind Park.

LAST WEEK: Crateman has returned to Bendigo.

A Bendigo Advertiser reader came across the mysterious man made of crates in Flora Hill this morning.

Have you seen Crateman before in Bendigo? Send us your pictures or memories to

In May 2008 the Bendigo Advertiser reported:

“ONCE again Crateman walks among us.

“Sporting a jaunty mortarboard to denote his crate wisdom, Bendigo’s own plasticated prophet has at last returned from his summer sabbatical.

“To our udder delight the milk crate man with the bright red heart made his long-awaited reappearance in Carpenter Street on Friday.

”‘It has been whey too long … it’s crate to be back,’ he said, with the aid of sign language.

“The milk crate man captured the city’s imagination from the moment he first appeared before Marylyn Theobold at the end of Wolstencraft Road on July 25 last

“Members of the fast-growing Bendigo Crateman Appreciation Society are relieved he has not gone sour on us and is still clearly filled with the milk of human kindness.

“To celebrate we have created an exclusive tribute that will covey the crate mysteries to young and old, to help us overcome the crate divide.”


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