Today was kinda fun. I didn’t get around to doing any hair stuff at all damn >.< needs to be done before Ryan’s party! Anyway, walked around for 2 and a half hours finding crates and returning them back to home base. It took longer than planned because I lost my cigarettes twice >.< I wasn’t so lucky to find them the second time but I did work my ass off. Seriously so much exercise and sweating lol.

When I got home I had no where near enough zip ties so I had to walk around the corner to my brothers work. They only had tiny ones >.< so I had to join 3 together at a time for each crate. All of this had to be done one handed while I was catching up on chats with Chloe. After making it and lifting the mattress on top (was a bitch to do since i’m so little >.< but I was strong and succeeded) I had to tidy up the massive mess I made.
Everyone at home was pretty impressed with honestly the cheapest (I found the mattress drunk walking home) bed in the world! Haha I actually love it to death way more than the one I shared with Steve which I paid like $1000 for! For what I thought would be a shitty day I had a sweet time and feel heaps accomplished!

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